A New Year….a Truly New Me!


2012 proved to be an interesting year for me. Like with every New Year, resolutions were set (and broken), friends came and went and relationships relations barely made it off the ground.

We are now rounding out this month in 2013 and I have FINALLY decided that if I truly wanted this year to be different, I had to start with me. You want to know the funny thing about change? It allows you to feel empowered or it causes you to find excuses on why situations/habits/outcomes won’t turn up any differently.

Why was I going to sabotage this year before it began?

Could it be fear, doubt, anxiety, frustration or all of the above? I knew these feelings too well in 2012, I allowed these feelings to know me intimately at my lowest and trying moments. Was this going to be the ‘change’ that I was seeking?

So what was holding me back? It wasn’t my talent, nor was it my potential; I finally realized that it was ME…my mindset. If only a and b could happen, then I would be able to do c and d.


“Why wait for life to make things happen when you can do it for yourself. Why wait for someone to reaffirm something that you already know?”, my mom asked me.

As I silently listened, I knew she was right. What was I waiting for? Someone to tell me that I had the skills they were looking for? Or my favorite magazine stumbling on my blog and begging me to join their staff?! (I wish)

In my dreams, I’m a relationship editor for my favorite publication, I’m traveling the world and writing every chance I get. So what was the hold back? What did I fear? These thoughts have plagued my mind this month, when I finally realized that, enough is enough.” I will not longer stand by and let 2013 be another rendition of last year. God forbid.

Yes, I’ve made mistakes and have been disappointed. However, I have forgiven myself and the ones who failed me….well, most of them. (Still a work in progress lol)

I have decided that I am able to do anything I put my mind too. I can procrastinate but when I’m passionate about something or someone, I give my all. So in 2013, I am going to be passionate about ME.

Re-discovering myself always sheds light into so many things that I thought I’d resolved. Whether big or small, the insight has ALWAYS  been valuable.

So in this year, I’m asking you, what do you want from yourself, career, relationship that you did not have last year and what efforts are you making towards the change that you are seeking?

Will you decide that this time around it will work or will you let fear, anxiety and doubt rear its ugly head? Trust me, no one says it’s going to be easy, if it were, we wouldn’t appreciate it. Yet, don’t let some obstacles and resistance deter you from achieving the best you that you can be.

So go live and go love! Do it without reservation and resistance and watch what happens…I know I will.

Come join me!


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