Reviewing 2012 and Everything In Between!


Can you believe that 2012 is coming to an end? This year I have experienced many high’s and lows and have found myself in situations that will rival any VH1 reality show.

I have endured disappointments and moments of joy; I have gained some people in my life and got rid of people that were not needed.

More importantly, I am alive! There are so many horrible events that took place this year, yet, my loved ones and I have made it through. (Thank God!)

As I reflect on the good and the bad (oh there was some bad), this year really thought me things about myself and how I deal with others. Certain situations re-enforced my dealbreakers while others provided great tales.

Now that 2013 is approaching, I’m excited about what is yet to come. I hope that you guys feel the same way!!

So let’s highlight some events that got us all talking in 2012!

Trayvon Martin- Hoodies and Skittles became two items of racial profiling when George Zimmerman senselessly killed 17 year old Martin, sparking up the dialogue regarding Florida’s gun law.

The Royal Wedding- Whether you lived in the U.K. or somewhere around the world, you couldn’t help but hear about the biggest wedding of the year. Many women gushed about the dress as many on- lookers watched in excitement or sheer curiosity.

The Olympics- The most anticipated event around the world took place in London this year. Two of my fellow Hamptonians definitely made my alma mata proud by snagging the bronze and gold in their respective events. Also, break out star Gabriel Douglas made many young and old African-American women proud everywhere.

Shooting in Aurora Theater- Many were shocked around the world when we heard the devastating news of the shooting spree that took place following the premier of Batman: The Dark Knight.

Hurricane Sandy- Devastated the East Coast by killing over a 100 people and causing millions worth of damages.

Kim Kardashian Fiasco- Whether you like her or not, she has built her umpire by being um….what does she do of importance again?? Well, she stunned the world when she got married for the second time to NBA player Kris Humphries. It was a huge spectacle only for the marriage to last 72 days. Yeah….who didn’t see that coming?

Sandyhook Elementary Shooting-  20 elementary students plus 7 staff including the mother of the shooter were all fatally shot. This incident sparked outrage and concern as America reviews it’s gun laws once again .

Call Me Maybe? – How could you not get this infectious song out of your head?!

YOLO (You Only Live Once)- Drake made this saying popular and beyond annoying. Everyone was using this saying to excuse their reckless behavior; I’m glad we’re retiring that saying!

Twilight Saga- Team Edward/ Team Jacob …Team IDGAF?? Yeah…exactly!

Beiber Fever- I would be lying if I told you that I don’t listen and secretly lip synch his lyrics. Lol. How can you not like him?? If you don’t like his music than I guess you can enjoy his boyish good looks-right??

R.I.P Whitney- The passing of legendary singer Whitney Houston brought me to tears. I grew up listening to her and falling in love with her defiant attitude in The Bodyguard and wishing she was my fairy godmother in Cinderella. This world will never have another Whitney!

Election Season- The good, the bad, the weird and the downright disrespectful came out this year. This election period brought much focus on women and what we can do and can’t do by old white men that was shocking and scary. Romney was the break out candidate that shocked many in his own party. From his 47% comment to not having a concrete idea of how he would run the country; the people spoke and re-elected President Barack Obama.

The Stomach that Collapsed- Beyonce’s pregnancy was heard round the world and there was much celebration amongst her devoted fans. It wasn’t until the video of Beyonce’s stomach folding on tv that caused rumors and allegations to run wild. Whether a surrogate was used or not, Blue Ivy was brought into the world and the excitement grew even more to see what she looked like.

The Superbowl- I’ll make this short, my team (NE Patriots) lost to some unnamed team. Yes, I’m bias. *shrug*

Obama Bin Laden FOUND- FINALLY!! He was found and killed in a secret compound. I wonder how Bush personally felt when he heard the news. Hmm…..

Scandal- Breakout show written by Shonda Rhimes featuring Kerry Washington, caught the attention of many (including myself) with a high profile fixer who is involved with the leader of the Free World.You can just call me Olivia Pope from now on. Lol.

Breaking Bad & Walking Dead- Other popular shows but to be honest, I have not been invested in them enough to write something.

Anderson Cooper Speaks Out- My husband told the world that he was gay and many silent tears were shed that day.

Rihanna/ Chris Brown/ Ka( whatever her name is)- This fiasco has been entertaining and highly dysfunctional. However, when it comes to matters of the heart -no judgements over here. We all have been foolish in love with someone or something. Let’s be honest….

Gangnam Style- Yup. This song surpassed Beiber on YouTube and propelled PSY into stardom. I have no clue what he is saying but I sure do love dancing to this song.

NBA Playoffs- Yeah. Heats won.

So what do you guys remember in 2012? What are you looking forward to in 2013?


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