Sh*t I Don’t Like (Bang Bang)

Holidays for me is usually a time of reflection and I realized there are a lot of things that bugs me. So what did I decide to do? Yup, write it all down.

Not sure what will make the cut, I just decided to write what came to mind. Excuse the rant that may ensue, I think it is time for someone to call out these offenders on their bad behavior.

1. Loud music blaring from a car: You’re walking down the street minding your business and there he goes, riding down slow with Juicy J hit song on full blast. His base system sounds as if it’s about to explode and there he is, acting as if his ears aren’t ringing. Stupidity. Not only has he caught the attention of everyone but now he’s driving slow…ughh go somewhere. It is NOT cool and you have a backward mentality…just saying.

2. Attention Seekers: There is always that one girl or guy who has to be the center of attention. It doesn’t matter what’s going on, they want you and the room to know that they are the more important there. If it is a small group, you’ll find them dominating the conversation. Somehow they don’t know how to keep quiet and have a seat…

3. Passive aggressive Behavior: This really grinds my gear. I guess because I am blunt and honest with how I feel about something or someone. Why does this behavior bother? Because it does not address the issue at hand. However, it just skims the subject while avoiding confrontation. I get it, I truly do…who wants to get into an argument? No one. Well avoiding and dancing around an issue won’t help either. Feelings that are left to fester will grow into something more and a minor issue is now causing serious tension.

4. Indecisiveness: I may suffer from this at times but when it comes down to resolving an issue, there is no hesitation. When you or your feelings are in limbo, who the hell are you to keep someone else’s feeling hostage? Some indecisive people love to blur lines because they will go far as that other person will allow. Sick.

5. Selfishness: Man, I can go on and on about this behavior. Smh. There are people out there that are interested solely on their needs. “How is this going to benefit me?” “What am I going to get out if this?” Yea….no bueno.

6. Loud Talkers on Public Transportation: Ughh…this right here!!! I hate getting on a bus or metro that is relatively quiet and then hearing boisterous noise heading towards me. Where the hell are my headphones?? It is worse when the person is of color. Now, the stereotypes come up and sadly they check all the boxes. Not only is this uncomfortable but now I’m getting judged by someone’s lack of judgement or home training.
7. Commercials That Target Black Consumers: Why is someone either dancing, rapping or sounding like homegirl around the way??? We don’t all shuck and jive to a beat and we don’t all aspire to be rappers. Also, I don’t speak to my girl friends like Bonqueshia from some project in Chicago (no shade to anyone from there). These stereotypes are old and tiring. Who are in charge of creating these ads and are there black people in the room when the creative process is happening? Yes, African-American people have a huge spending power but don’t ridicule me and expect to purchase your good. No, I don’t twist my neck, I don’t say “hey girlfriend”!! and my concerns don’t entail getting my edges laid or shaking my behind on the dance floor. Try again.

8. Nicki Minaj: No explanation needed. I prefer Azealia Banks.

9. Playing Games: Regardless of gender that is one thing I can’t stand. If you play games you are weak sauce! I no longer have the patience or the f–ks in the world to care. If you are about playing games, here is my imaginary door-please see yourself out.

10. Users: “You weren’t with me shooting in the gym.” I laughed at this statement but the truth can’t be dismissed. Have you had people in your life or know people who weren’t there through your struggle or period od uncertainty and when you have ‘arrived’ they are your closest of friends. Shut that noise! No sir or ma’m…I don’t know you and you don’t know me.

11. Street Harassment: I am tired of it. I haven’t witnessed so much of it until I came to DC. Ugh…please don’t grab me or yell, hoot, whistle or anything that is going to piss me off. Just today I had a guy walk me for two blocks awkwardly as he began to “spit game”. 

12. Bigotry/Racism: Nothing left to say about this.


What are some things that YOU don’t like?!


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