Alone Together….How I Rode Out Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has come and gone leaving destruction in several cities across the U.S. Thankful that it didn’t devastate D.C., I spent most of my time eating, watching tv and lounging around in my yoga pants and favorite hoody. Before the storm hit, I was a bit nervous. I didn’t want to ride it out alone and I didn’t want to sit in the dark as I waited for someone to call or text to see if I was alright.

While getting ready, I realized certain things about me. Funny how something as this can bring some perspective into your life. I was among countless people who decided to do some last-minute shopping at Target; as I scoured the shelves, I realized that in time of uncertainty I don’t panic. Actually, there is this nerving calm that washes over me and I can’t even begin to fret.

So what exactly did I learn about myself?

  1. I can be controlling:Yeah, that is something about me that I have realized over time. I guess I’m so use to relying on myself (despite asking others for assistance) that I don’t even bother to ask for help. I need to go grocery shopping without a car? Ahh just hop on the bus and haul ass. I need to move out of my apartment? Oh what the hell, just stay up all night and move that sh*t yourself! Yeah, story of my life.
  2. I over think/over analyze A LOT: Ok. I’m going to be honest, this is something that I knew ever since I was a kid. My inquisitive nature can get the best to me at times. I always want to know something and my lack of patience at times can be quite annoying and personally draining. An acquaintance told me, that I am a person who likes answers and the unknown causes doubt and anxiety to arise. *Sigh* So true. I’ve been called a sponge since I soak up everything around me. I am quite intuitive and observant and when things are confusing to me, I tend to ask for clarity…I’m still working on my delivery. I tend to do react before I even know how I truly feel. *work in progress guys*
  3. I don’t know how to fully relax: I think when a bit of control is taken away from me, I tend to get a bit antsy. My mind is literally ALL over the place and my body follows suit. Unless I am deeply immersed in a book or writing out my thoughts/story/poem, you can find me sliding, whirling, two stepping somewhere….anywhere. LOL.
  4. I enjoy a good, fluffy throw blanket: When I finally get the chance to relax and enjoy my surroundings, a great throw blanket is what I want to be wrapped in. Interested in being friends? A great throw blanket and a good bottle of white wine would gain you some cool points!
  5. I love a good movie and great company: Nothing like watching a movie that makes you think, invokes feelings and makes you want to: a. kick ass  b. cry your heart out c. or hug your non-existent boyfriend lol. This weekend I got to re watch some good films and I felt like jumping up and down or on the verge of fighting back tears.
  6. I like opening up to someone: Besides my bestie, my mom and a handful of close girlfriends, I am still trying to find  that one male I can truly open up too. I want to be with someone who I can laugh with, who knows that I can be inquisitive nature, a bit controlling (but willing to let a person take control), a bit feisty/sassy, passionate and overall great person.
  7. I really like Doritos/Cashews/Dijon Mustard/Fries with Mayo: A great recipe for obesity right? Lol. Yeahh my cravings vary each month but this month was all about the SALTS!
  8. Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE music: The infectious notes of Daley and sultry vocals of Marsha makes this song an automatic hit for me. Who wouldn’t want to be curled up next to their boo or person of interest when this song comes on?


I for one, have been raping the replay button at work and I doubt it will stop when I get home. Enjoy!


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