Love Was Definitely In the Air….Ohhh How I Adore Weddings

Missed me yet??

I know it has been awhile since I have updated my blog but I have been living life. Apologies, that I have abandoned my blog for awhile BUT I’m back!!!

So what’s going on in my world you ask?

So much has happened since my last post. I was fortunate enough to attend two of my cousins wedding and let me tell you that it was great seeing family and friends. I hadn’t been in a wedding since I was 13 and this year I was in 2!! I forgot how expensive attending weddings can get  (especially out-of-state one’s) but the memories are definitely PRICELESS. 

The first wedding was in the city of brotherly love (Philly) and I had FUN! Not only did I get to see my cousins and hang out with them but I enjoyed meeting the other bridesmaids as well. The wedding was beautiful, the bride was radiating and her dress was gorgeous! What more could you ask for?

As I saw my cousin and his new bride present themselves as husband and wife, I couldn’t help but smile. Something about seeing other people’s love manifested in a celebration makes me feel all gushy inside…lol.

While everyone was eating and enjoying themselves, it was time for all of the bridesmaid and single ladies to hit the floor to catch the bouquet. I’m going to be honest I was scared. Why? Not totally sure. Maybe it was because I am of age, and that my significant other and I can be in the same position a few years down the line. Now that is putting a lot of power into beautifully wound flowers but things DO happen.

My mind began to ponder what would happen if I caught it- would I smile and dance in celebration? Would I drop it to the ground and shimmy off the dance floor? What? Well fortunately, I didn’t get the opportunity to play either scenarios. Reluctantly I planted myself in the middle of the floor away from all the eager bridesmaid and single women;  the countdown began and I couldn’t wait for it to be over…

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5….

There it was…heading towards me. Do I move out the way or let momentum take it’s course? While I braced for the flowers to land effortlessly in my hands, I wasn’t expecting what happened next.  One of the bridesmaid came out of nowhere, jumped in the air as if she was making the play of the year and stole grabbed my bouquet.


For someone who didn’t want it, I was slightly disappointed.

Two weeks later I was on the plane heading to good ol Texas.  I was  excited for another chance to get out of D.C.; work was stressing me out and I wanted to see my family and friends again. I landed in Austin and every bs I was going through seen and unseen was just a blur.

Austin…Austin…. how can I put my time there into words?  Hmm…I can’t but if pictures tell a story than hopefully they convey that I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  There is nothing like family and weddings just remind me of that.

My cousin’s wedding was CLASSY. The venue was AMAZING!!! Austin has hills and her venue capitalized on it. Besides getting lost and other annoying things trying to  get there, it was all forgotten once we arrived. The drinks were flowing and so was my first outfit; later that night, I changed into my other outfit and had fun ushering the newlyweds into the reception area.

All in all I had a blast. Weddings truly bring people together. It was great seeing family that I hadn’t seen in over a decade and great to spend time with my immediate family. Thankfully I had no one jokingly ask when I was next… I’m not in that mind space yet but I’m definitely inspired.  I have never been that girl who planned her wedding since she was little, I could actually care less. However, now that I have witnessed two amazing weddings, I definitely have caught interest…but not enough to join Pinterest and make boards.

Sorry, not there yet.


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