Cuffing Season Is Over…Feeling Some Type of Way??

Yea I said it…cuffing season is officially over!!

Are you really that surprised?

Now that the weather is heating up many people (men and women) are looking forward to what the summer has to offer….‘BAIT’. People are ditching the people that they have invested time, money and bodily fluids for  during the cold/harsh winter times for something new.


I was discussing with a friend how many people may have felt slighted or even surprised that the person that they were cuddling with in the winter months has somehow distanced themselves or neglected them. How could this happen? They thought  it going somewhere…shoot maybe a relationship may have transpired; but unfortunately, that person will never know.

Yea…tough situation.

Has that ever happened to me before. To be honest, yes it has. Only difference was that I spotted it from a mile away. I knew that the weather was warming up and that the lack of text and phone calls from him were a signal that I should spread my wings with my dignity still in tact. Was I surprised? Somewhat. There was no conversation to discuss what route we were going, we were just two people who enjoyed spending time with each other; nothing more… nothing less.

So how do you prepare for the sudden shift that is known as un-cuffing? Well the first thing is to know the 3 common signs; from there, you can decide to continue on the path of the unknown or take advantage of the warm weather and meet someone new who is worth it…worth you.

So She/He may be pulling a Houdini act on you and you’re not sure, here are 3 ways to figure it all out:

  1. Text/Calls Have Increasingly Slowed Down or Just Stopped: This is self explanatory but for those who may be confused, I’ll explain. When you start dating someone and numbers have been exchanged, you are texting and calling… frequently. It is the introductory phase, the getting to know someone stage. You are setting up dates,  figuring out the person and the communication lines are open. As the dates continue, and the nature of the relationship expands than the texts or phone calls can increase or decrease depending on the couple. Those months when it is cold and cuffing season is in full effect that person is not concerned about what may be out there if they have a consistent person who can provide them what they need…short term intimacy. As the weather changes from Winter to Spring, if that person intentions in the beginning weren’t to be serious than count yourself out; there is no way that the person you are dating is going to continue dating you when it gets warm, unless it’s for a “booty call”.
  2. No Longer Going Out on Dates or Hanging Out: Those nights of getting ready to see the person you are dating are diminishing or non-existent. When trying to figure out when your next date  is, you get trumped with the “Work has picked up”, “I’m really busy”, “I’m not sure to be honest”. Yup, that is your answer right there. Yes, there are times when someone can be busy but if it is ALL the time. Wake up call, they are not that into you. Sorry.
  3. The Fade Away: Things are going great and then boom, you are no longer hearing from this person. It doesn’t happen immediately, it takes time. This person calls less and less, texts less and less, shoot….you start to forget how this person looks like. Some may be blind-sided by it and some may have caught on from the beginning. This is the take the hint, I’m a coward and can’t express to you that I am no longer interested, so instead of having a discussion about it like a grown up, I am going to fade into the oblivion. This to me just shows the type of person you were dealing with, thank God that you no longer have to deal with someone like that!

Things like this can hurt especially if you liked someone but you have to understand that Spring is here and what a great way to start fresh and new. You never know who you may meet! Out with the old and in with the new! So don’t lounge around and analyze what went wrong, go out there and meet people!

Have you ever faded black on someone or had it done to you? Were you a participant in the cuffing season? If so, now that the weather is warming up, would you continue to keep dating that person or would you spread your wings and interest?


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