Who You Are


It’s been awhile since I wrote about something that has inspired me. I heard this song by Jessie J and immediately fell in LOVE. With everything that we hear today on the radio, there is nothing that is inspiring and uplifting. I am tired of hearing songs telling me to shake that ass or twerk as hard as I can to get a dudes attention…pshh

It gets old…REAL OLD.

 Her voice and the content  of the lyrics just hit me in a way that I haven’t had in awhile. With everything that I have been going through for the past two months, this song has given me hope.

If you haven’t heard of this sultry, beautiful British singer than you need to get acquainted with her…like NOW.

Mix a bit of Rihanna with Gwen Stefani, add the charisma of Pink, and you will start to get an idea of what kind of girl Jessie J is. As much as she can be a voice for the hard times, those soulful, Aretha Franklin-esque vocals can also soundtrack the best of times too. Take the Dr. Luke (Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus) produced song “Price Tag”—an upbeat, energetic dance number that highlights Jessie’s booming voice and can still stand out amidst glossy production.

Check out her website here



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