He Wasn’t Man Enough

I followed my heart but every time I do it gets me lost  and left in the dark. I think it is clear this time, I guess we’re just not compatible…you bring me up, you let me down, you give me nothing to fall on.  And I wish that cupid’s arrow never hit and never went through me; I wish we never cross the line and gave you this booty. It aint bout no other, back to friends than lovers…let’s just call it what it’s babe, what it is babe.. Never thought I would say…that we we were a beautiful mistake. Boy, you know I’m gonna miss you by my side…but it is what is!– Keri Hilson via @ Beautiful Mistake


She didn’t know that it was going to end that way…how could she be so stupid! She gave him everything…her heart, her body, her money and yet, it wasn’t enough. She couldn’t curtail his cheating, his lies, his deceptive way; but yet, she struggled to maintain him…them. She knew it was wrong but as she slowly crept out the bed, she did the unimaginable….she checked his phone!

Curiosity, suspicion, fear, anger and resentment overtook as she picked up his phone.  How did I get here she wondered as she silently crept to the bathroom. Here she was, 3am in the morning, checking the phone of the man she once loved. What was she expecting to find, she wondered as she scrolled through his message inbox.

Lisa, Tami, Ashley, Jessica, Dominique, Chick from Walmart….were just some of the names that flooded his inbox.

‘Where do I start?”, she pondered as her breath quickened and her blood boiled. “If he’s cheating I swear…I’ll kill him.”

Unfortunately, he proved her right. Countless naked pics and graphic messages later, she couldn’t help but to cry. “How long was this going on right under my nose? How could I be so naive, dumb?”, she thought.

Regretfully, she placed the phone down and sobbed.

The morning after, I got the call…I knew it was coming but I didn’t know when. You see, I knew that they were having problems in their relationship.  I constantly reminded her to back out and keep it moving but it seemed that her pride wouldn’t let her. She had sacrificed too much to let this toxic relationship just go…she wanted to fix it, him she wanted it to go back to how it used to be but it was too late…their relationship was so far gone.

“Jen, you would not believe what I read in his phone! Not only were these chicks sending out naked pics and sh-t they were begging and pleading for the d-!

Woah there!

How do you tell your friend, ‘I told you so’ without saying it? Not knowing what to say all  I could repeat was “DAMN”!

It was a tough three months following the invasion of his privacy but it helped garner the strength she needed to let that relationship go.  I wonder if he would have told her or was her snooping a blessing in disguise?

There are a lot of people out there who are afraid to tell the truth about how they feel. Some may tip-toe around the  problem, while others fade to black in hopes that their partner get the hint and make the decision for them. But was she wrong in checking his phone? YES. Was he wrong for the contents on that phone…ABSOLUTELY!

The fact that she had to snoop to find out what happened just showed that he wasn’t man enough to let her know what he was feeling. He could’ve addressed the situation, communicated his grievances and kept pushing,id neither of those things. However, he decided that texting multiple women while keeping his girlfriend was the best thing to do.


My friend has moved on and learned from that and I’m glad she has.

Have you ever snooped on someone you were dating? How did that turn out? Has it happened to you before? If so, what did you do? Do you think there are exceptions to snooping? Why or why not?


3 thoughts on “He Wasn’t Man Enough

  1. Being the victim of a partner who has cheated is tough on all parties. The person who was cheated on and the person that cheated. Im not sure if this is true, but the person who cheated feels worse than the person who was cheated on at times. Psychologically, the person who was cheated on get of feeling of not being enough to their partner.

    People truly need to think before they act. The world wants what it can’t have. Is it worth cheating on someone just because that new girl may look a little better with thick hips. Nope, because that connection you have with your partner is far superior than a nice ass. Plus it tells you about that person’s character and your own. If you’re not man or woman enough to get out of a relationship before you cheat then what makes you think the person you cheated with wont do the same. Respect the commitment you gave to one another because having respect for yourself and others is how you should live life.

    Oh, yea she shouldn’t have gone through the phone. Lol.

  2. sigh- i know exactly how you feel. My ex gf of 2 yrs broke up a week ago. and for good this time. This last week has been emlrexety hard. she was my first everything aswell and im only 16. I’m stressed as it is. about school and life and everything else. you have to learn how to be strong. thats all it is being strong. be true to yourself. you can stop getting hurt and being heart broken. its not fair for anyone to feel such way, but we must over come it. I know you will be okay, Id say leave her for good. worry about yourself and enjoy your life. because life is too short. and you know what, who knows? maybe you guys will be happy together in the future. i wish you the best of luck, because loosing the one you love is one of the most difficult things in life :’

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