Would You Forgive Your Ex?

“Remember how you did it…remember how you did it?If you still wanna kiss it, than you can come and get it.Sweeter than a rice cake…put a candle on my motherf* back baby and blow it!!- Rihanna

Well Rihanna has and decided to let the world know! After days of speculation, comments and penned letters of distaste regarding these two…Rihanna and Chris Brown publicly released the remix to Birthday Cake and the responses have been overwhelming.

To be honest with you, I am not emotionally vested in these two personal lives because even though I enjoy their music, my opinion does not matter to them. I am not excusing Chris for what he did but should that incident define him as a person? HELL NO.

We have all made mistakes, fortunately, ours our not glaring at us everyday (or maybe they are). Imagine something that you did to someone that was deemed distasteful, hurtful, etc and everyday you are constantly reminded by that. Yes, you are a good person but you made a mistake but the media and the public eye doesn’t care, their focus is to paint you and keep you in a certain light.

Build a bridge and get over it already!

We have all learned about the power of forgiveness… if Rihanna chooses to exercise that, why she should be scrutinized for it?

In a way, @rihanna just made things harder for women…some men will use this as an excuse to abuse then say that they should be forgiven.- some random girl on Twitter


If people live their lives and mimic celebrities than they need to re-evaluate their lives. Listen, Rihanna has stated time and time again that she is NOT a role  model. Yes, you can enjoy her as an artist but that is ALL she is to YOU…an artist. She is not your bestie (maybe in your head), she doesn’t feed you, clothe you, pay your bills and tells you who to sleep with sooo why should her ACTIONS advise you in your time of need????

Listen, we have all been in love before and have acted out in ways that are not healthy but should these two not be friends or even be cordial to each other because of the past? Now, Chris has apologized and has “did his time”. They have created space and each has grown and learned…what is the big deal?

Oh you think he may hit her again?! You are afraid for her safety? How can you assess these feelings if you don’t personally know these two but  rather catch the few glimpses that the media gives you?

Am I shocked that some fans have stopped “following” her ummm….meh. We only live once and I say do you Rihanna. I personally know someone who was mistreated by her ex and forgave him; they are friends to this day. He wanted to date her again and she was seriously considering it but she decided to keep the past in the past. Is she scared for her life with this guy? No. She has seen the growth in him and their relationship taught him things and he changed.

Rihanna is living her life and I applaud that! She’s not responsible for all victims of domestic violence as Chris isn’t responsible for all offenders of domestic violence. Actually domestic violence is a cycle of abuse and from what i read in the court documents that was a one time incident that constitutes assault. That girl is 24 yrs old and life is short, she has to live it to the full potential of her own happiness and hopefully you are doing the same!- Good For Them via Necole Bitchie

I believe that people can change.

What do you guys think? Should Rihanna and Chris get back together? What do you think of their new song? Would you forgive an ex?


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