Valentine’s Day Is Over…Now What?

Now that Valentine’s Day is over I can share with you guys what I did.  My Valentine’s Day included dinner and a gift of chocolates and a teddy bear. It was a kind gesture but I was pleasantly surprised because I was not expecting anything.

Yet, there are people who spent time, money and a whole lot of effort on planning the “perfect” night; from dinner reservations, to the perfect gift, even sex has been diligently thought out.

But what happens now?

I can’t answer that because not every situation is the same. I will though give you some insight on what happened to ME last year and why I no longer put so much emphasis on the day.

I was dating this guy who I will call “Tim”. We were dating roughly for about 6 months, we talked everyday and seemed to be getting along great. We discussed briefly our experience with Valentine’s and I was really excited to see how he was going to pull it off. I never really celebrated before and when I did, it was nothing worth calling home about.

“Tim” was the guy that listened to everything that I gushed about and silently stored it  for his personal use. Valentine’s Day had finally arrived and I remember waking up to a phone call from him telling me that he was outside. Shocked and kinda upset, (that I was not made up or anything close to it) I hurriedly rushed him off the phone to look “decent”.

As I opened the door, I was greeted with a warm smile and hug. Not only was he handing me flowers, chocolate, a stuffed animal and balloons but he had one more surprise awaiting me in the car. I went back in the house to put my gifts away and saw him walking in with an ice cream cake.

OMG…I LOVE ICE CREAM CAKE!!! (Wow, he really remembered)

The fact that he listened to everything and implemented it was great. We dressed and headed out for dinner and I was really thrilled to see what was going to happen next.  However, I noticed that was something was off. I tried to dismiss that feeling and forced myself that my night was going to be a great.

Let me just say this…you can’t force, will, dream, wish anything to happen.

Dinner was rather interesting. I finally realized what was happening… I was trying to deny it but there was NO CHEMISTRY. How could that be?? We had all this chemistry over the phone and we would talk/skype for hours but that was the problem… we did not spend a lot of time together, which became the demise of us.

We didn’t cut it off right after Valentine’s day but we did get in some sort of argument roughly two weeks later.

“Tim” came to see me and we were just not getting along. He accused me of having a stick up my butt and I accused him of not being that funny to me. On top of that there was a lot of tension between us and it became rather apparent that things weren’t working. I now realize that we hadn’t spent too much time around each other and being  semi-long distance from each other wasn’t helpful.  It was pretty disheartening to have the conversation and it showed me that even though he was a great guy, he wasn’t good FOR me.

I tried to hold on and will it to happen but life has a funny way of surprising you and handling your dirty work. We ended up calling it off but it didn’t end well.

How could a guy that I was close with and talked too everyday, turn into someone who I couldn’t even talk too or stand.


Worst part was seeing him a couple months later with his ex that I had a feeling he wasn’t completely over…….good times. LOL.

You see if you told me that after Valentine’s Day that all of this would happen, I wouldn’t have believed you. I feel that some of us women feed into that fairytale that having an amazing Valentine would set the tone for our relationship. Welp… that is completely FALSE.

So now that Valentine’s Day is over…what now??


4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Is Over…Now What?

  1. 3 things should happen now.

    1) You should treat each other just as lovingly as the other days of the year. If you relegated showing each other genuine love and affection to one day out of so many you just wasted a lot of time and money.
    2) You rest up for March 14 bka Steak and BJ Day. Seriously ladies, fair is fair. You want real equality in life don’t you?
    3) Check in with your respective side pieces to make sure they are straight.

    1. Lmao I can’t with this. I definitely agree with number one, things should not change after Valentine’s Day. If you choose that day to only show respect, love, commitment and all that good stuff than you need to re-evaluate your relationship. Steak and BJ day ummmm….yea. If you have side pieces than you DON’T need to be in a relationship, just saying.

      1. Steak and BJ Day is a real day. And we even took the stress out of figuring out a gift and all that stuff. For Valentine’s Day men are stressing the hell out hoping that they get it right lest they have an angry S/O. Steak and BJ Day is self-explanatory and really, REALLY simple to celebrate successfully. Embrace it…

  2. Valentine’s day, in regards to a significant other, is like any other event. It allows for an assessment of the overall health of a relationship. Guys gripe about doing stuff or the cost, but the day day does not necessary have to be more expensive that any other event with a significant other. On the flip side, after its over you are more than likely able to have a better appreciation of where your relationship is at, which is always a good thing, and ladies who do not appreciate efforts are quickly going to be exposed too, allowing guys to move along fast.

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