Valentine’s Coming…Are You Excited?


You da one that I dream about all day, you da one that I think about always. You are da one so I make sure I love is your love, your love is mine.


Valentine’s day is a reminder for those who are: A. Single  B. Dating C . In A Relationship D. The Mistress/Side Piece E. Lonely F. Bitter G.  Dreamers H. Romantic I. Givers and everyone else that I haven’t mentioned that maybe just maybe you can have the fairytale gimmick that the media continues to shove down our throats. It should be one of the best nights/days o f your life…right?


No, I am not bitter or lonely, I am just honest about my situation. Now, not everyone is going through the same thing…so this may or may not apply to you but for me I am not expecting a room full of roses, while dining on 5 star cuisine as I’m being serenaded by top violinists.

However, I think every woman should enjoy a special night with someone they care for.

A  lot of money doesn’t need to be spent, but making sure that the person you are with is enjoying themselves is all that matters. Now, if you want to take a trip to Tiffany’s to show her that you care, well I’m ALL for it. If you can’t go to Tiffany’s those Zale commercials are pretty nice as well. Lol.

There is one thing that I can’t stand about Valentines Day and it’s the need for people to announce whether it’s going  or something not worth writing about. OK, we get it. He gave you everything you wanted while blowing your back out all night. PERFECT!  Or maybe he was the guy you thought would appreciate you and care, but the day has arrived and NO call let alone a text  to let you know that he cared. Geez…that must be painful!

But must we all gloat or celebrate with you??

My thing is this…don’t expect anything! Yup, you heard me…expectations leads to disappointment. A guy that I was dating taught me that and it has STUCK with me forever.

There is a lot of pressure when it comes to Valentine; from finding the right gift, to how much too spend, to what is the appropriate time to spend with someone that you are dating or even sleeping with.

My advice…just enjoy that day whether it is with someone or by yourself. If you are single this year and don’t feel like stocking up on some Ben & Jerry’s call your girlfriends who are free and take yourselves out…you don’t need a guy to do that for you. If you are being taken out or treated in some way be GRATEFUL and APPRECIATIVE that someone has decided to do that for you.

And if you will be indulging in some after loving, just make sure to protect yourselves and have fun. If you are grown enough to indulge in such things you have to be grown when it comes to any repercussions… if any arise.

Stay Safe and enjoy this day.

Do you have a valentine’s? What plans do you have? Do you enjoy Valentines? Why or why not? Will you be using Facebook or Twitter to share your bitterness or happiness?


One thought on “Valentine’s Coming…Are You Excited?

  1. I’m treating Valentines Day the same as any other day. So if you get shown love the other 364 (365 in a leap year) days then Feb. 14 will be a good day for you.

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