Songs That I’m Embarrass to Say That I Listen Too

We all know that song that begins to play and automatically your hips begin swaying and your booty instinctively starts popping. You look at your group of friends and say “that’s my jam”.

Yea, that’s me.

Most of these songs are club anthems and get the people going but they are rather crass as well.

When it comes to music, I try not to get politically correct but how can I rock to a song that continually calls me a bitch??? Not only that but the rapper is now instructing me how to get low and pop that thing.

UGHHH….it annoys me!

Not every song is a club song but I sill unfortunately like it. Now will I stop listening…..ummmm….lol. See I don’t want to be a hypocrite but I’M HUMAN. I try to only listen to this song when I need some energy to workout and I can’t help but not to hear them when I go clubbing (well depending where you go out here in D.C.)

So here are just a few that I’m embarrass to say that I listen too!

Waka Flocka- Round of Applause

Tyga- Rack City

Big Sean ft Nicki Minaj- Dance (Ass)

Chris Brown ft Kevin McCall- Strip

Travis Porter- Bring It Back

Trina ft Meek – Look Back At Me

Khia- My Neck, My Back

WYT- Tipping On My Dick

Wale- Illest Bitch Alive

(I like the meaning of the song, I just wish he didn’t use bitch BUT I see where he is coming from)



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