Strongest Woman Alive…

Said I thank you and I love you and I will NEVER, EVER replace no one above you. See you have given me life and I just want you to know that you are the reason I’m here today I’ll never let go; to everything that we share and nothing can compare I thank you!”- Ashanti (Mother)

Words cannot express what I feel inside when it comes to my mom. I now understand what it means to have a number one fan. Nothing can compare to have a love like a mothers. Even when I did things wrong or got scolded, my mother was there to pick me up and show me the right way to do things.

I love that woman with everything I have. 

When I was younger, I took my mom for granted. I didn’t understand her and what she went through for my sake. To be honest, I was selfish. I only wanted, wanted, wanted….if I didn’t have it I would resent her for it.  Not a good way to deal with things right? Yeah, I know I was young.

Now that I have matured into the young woman that I am today I can appreciate my mom. My mom has become my best friend. I can cry to her, talk with her, laugh and complain about my frustrations with her…almost every and anything….even guys lol.

I can’t think of being raised by anyone else.

My mom is the strongest woman that I  have ever known. Her compassion for others is overwhelming.

She is one person that I am scared to disappoint. Do you know what it means to let your biggest fan down? Yea, I don’t know either and don’t want to experience that at all.

The sacrifice that she has made for me, words can’t describe. My mom has been my anchor, my rock, my best friend, my support system, my makeup artist, my hair dresser, my adviser….MY EVERYTHING!

When people refer to me as my mom, I can’t help but smile. That is the biggest compliment one can ever give.  Many people would have succumbed to public scrutiny or whatever else it may be but not my mother. My mom has the heart of a lion and the strength of one as well.

Tell her she can’t do it and she will prove you wrong. Tell my mother that it is impossible and she would prove otherwise.

That mother of mine….God bless her.

I can’t wait to have children so she can see what she has taught me put into action. I laugh when I remember how much I told myself  when I was younger how I would NOT be like her, but as the years go by, I have instilled some of her doctrine as my own.


You want to meet the strongest woman alive? Meet my mom. 



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