Sneaky People….

I feel like going on a rant……

Why must people be soooo SELFISH??????

I’m hearing too many stories that make my blood boil. At times all I can do is listen. I am tired of the users, the abusers, the selfish, the careless, the controlling, the all around  bad. This is not only referencing men but every man or woman who falls in this category.

Can we ALL BE HONEST…is that a trait that we all lack now in our generation????

Why Do Men Lie via hotdamnirock

Top 10; Lies Guys Tell Females via MrClutch824

(Wow….this was beyond crazy. SMH.)

Ok, I’m not only going to just put the guys out there because women do it too.

How to know if your girl is cheating via Myregularasslife

(This made me chuckle a bit…lol).

Girls Who Cheat  via DemGottiGirlz

(Even though this is for same sex relationships, this is the realest thing I have heard on YouTube )

I get it people like to have options and some times lines get blurred…BUT that does not justify certain behavior. My thing is this, if you wouldn’t want someone doing that to you, WHY DO IT TO SOMEONE ELSE?

NO, you cannot eat your cake and have it too…you greedy ASS! 


For all of you out there who have decided that you can just go and play with people’s emotions, trust and what ever else it may be…there will be a day where you will have that happen to you. TRUST! I don’t say it to be mean, spiteful or hurtful, it’s just the way life works.

However, anyone out there who has gone through some sort of disappointment or hurt by someone you are dating or in a relationship with, it will get better and you will find someone more deserving of your time. PROMISE!


One thought on “Sneaky People….

  1. Hey Jen, Great post! First video was funny. Second and third video were alright too. Fourth video…I couldn’t watch her all the way. Something was annoying about her voice I guess. lol Keep the posts coming!!!

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