I Have A Crush

Have you ever fallen in love with a voice?

Well, that is what has happened to me. I don’t remember how I got introduced to this vocalist but I haven’t stopped listening to him since then. Whether on my way to work, at work, leaving work, hanging out at home or singing his songs in the shower…this man has captured my attention.

I just want him to sing to me everynight as I fall asleep in his arms…

Too much?? Maybe. 

Who is this man that has invaded my mind and is slowly creeping towards my heart. His name is Allen Stone and he is AMAZING!  Check his website out  http://www.allenstone.net/

I won’t post every song on here BUT I will post my favorites that have been raped repeatedly…hehehe

Allen Stone- Figure It Out

Allen Stone- Unaware

Allen Stone- The Wind (My FAVORITE!!!!)

Allen Stone- False Alarms ( Soundtrack of 2011)




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