Having Roomie Problems… I Feel Bad For You Son


It’s 2012 and I am excited of what the year has in store for me. I am excited that this year is not the year of being indecisive and unclear with my motives and thoughts. I know what I want and it is a great feeling to have.

But a pressing concern is my room mate. She is a fun girl and we have good times and laugh and talk as much as possible. She is not the problem, it is my other ‘unofficial’ room mate that we have that is giving me grief.

I don’t mind helping others in their time of need but my goodness, this woman is getting to me! I feel as if I am a prisoner in my own home. I am overly conscious of her presence, she complains that I am too loud at night. It could be me getting something to drink, I’m too loud! She goes to bed at an ungodly hour, (9-10:00 pm lol) I am a night owl but what I decide to do in my bedroom is my BUSINESS!!

My breaking point has reached it’s limit when she left me a note on the bathroom mirror. 

Did you not see that I have a bedroom door or perhaps, you could wait to see me in person rather than broadcasting your frustration the first thing in the morning as I brush my teeth!

What a way to start your morning…..

Tonight will be a meeting that will discuss boundaries and expectations and such forth. To be honest with you,  I will not hold back my concerns and her behavior. I am not a rude person and don’t start confrontation, actually I don’t like or look for drama BUT if it comes knocking I know how to answer!

I am not in college and I don’t want my living situation to feel that way. 

Have you dealt with a living situation or a room mate that was unfavorable to you? How did you deal with it? Do you have any tips for me?


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