When Dating Goes Completely WRONG…

Since I’ve been in DC, I have had the opportunity to enjoy the dating scene and the people that comes with. So far things have been….interesting but there have been two incidents that I regret getting dressed up for.

Incident # 1

I will call him…’Government’.  ‘Government’ was 27, tall, educated, cute, AA male who could hold a great conversation on the phone. He worked for the government and enjoyed going to Barnes & Nobles as much as I did. Our first date was at a restaurant in Chinatown. Dressed to the T, I was ready to see how we would vibe in person but all I was met with was disappointment.

Not only was this brotha dressed as if he was running errands at Walmart on a late Friday night, he was smacking on a piece of gum while simultaneously drinking a fruit smoothie from McDonald’s.

*Blank stare*

I was in disbelief….honestly, I wanted to leave but the time that it took me to get out there made me stay. To add to the misery that was slowly brewing, we had to wait 3o minutes to be seated. As I patiently waited to get seated, I tried to spark up interesting conversation but all I was left with was a man who would make no eye contact, whatsoever. SMH.

As I reviewed the menu while we waited, I decided that I will get an appetizer and a sandwhich. When I told him my decision, you would’ve thought that I told him that I was ordering steak, lobster and their finest wine! When he saw the prices of my meals, he relaxed and tried to play it off.


By that time, I was completely done with the situation. I was going to eat my dinner and see how fast I could make my exit.

Well, that didn’t quite happen the way I expected.

When my appetizer came, he devoured it completely. I ordered nachos (anyone who knows me knows I LOVE nachos) and instead of using proper etiquette, he decided that his nasty hands were sufficient cutlery to pull away at the nachos.

I was infuriated. 

You would think that he would have common courtesy and mannerism but those two qualities he lacked. When the waiter came to take our request for the main dish, I ordered a crab sandwich and he ordered, wait for it…..


Yes, a salad. Worse part, he couldn’t even pronounce the name of the salad.

What had I gotten myself into??

After two hours of tense conversation regarding the government and his role in the war against Iraq, we decided that was the last date we would ever go on together and I was glad that the feelings were mutual.


Incident #2

I will call him ‘Studio’. ‘Studio’ is 28, tall, handsome, Jamaican brotha that completely took me by surprise. When I first met him he didn’t look too bad but after the second date I realized why he was still single.

Out of all the places to go to eat and explore in Washington, DC, ‘Studio’ decided to take me to Friday’s. I was completely floored.

Are you serious right now?

Sadly, he was.

Besides the horrible lightning and mediocre food, I was not attracted to this man AT ALL. I couldn’t find one good thing that I liked about him physically. To make matters worse, he was insecure. He was already telling me how happy he could make me and pushing me if I felt a ‘spark’.

As I tried to drown my laughter with my margarita, I decided that his chance had come and gone. But that didn’t stop ‘Studio’ from contacting me. He called during the weekend and I told him that I would get back to him… soon. Soon meant never but his texts did not stop.

I finally called him.

This was the first time someone who I only had gone on ONE date with  bitched , I mean complained, that I didn’t call him back as I said I was. Ummmmmmm, grow some balls sir! Damn, I know if you are feeling someone sometimes you act out of character, but my goodness he sounded like a girl who was infatuated with a guy and didn’t know how take a hint.

Unfortunately for me, I was the bearer of bad news. I had to cut that off completely but he doesn’t understand why we weren’t meant to be.


Yes, there are men and women just like these people that exist. Please be wary and use caution everytime you say yes to a date.

What is the worst day that you have been on?


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