Have You ‘Played In Snow’?

I was watching Chelsea Lately a couple of days ago and Toni Braxton was her latest guest. Besides talking about her show Braxtons Family Values which is in its second season, Chelsea decided to talk about Toni’s dating life. As many of you may or may not know, Toni is dating a white man.

*GASP*……is this really news??

Well, for Chelsea Lately show it was. Toni Braxton revealed to Chelsea, that she was “playing in the snow”. I loved the analogy and it made me think of my recent experience going on dates with a very handsome white guy here in D.C.

Chelsea Lately: Toni Braxton via ChelseaLately

I have dabbled in the snow before.

I was in France working for an entertainment PR when I met him.  Actually, my friend  spotted him and was pressed to speak. Finally summing up the courage, her and I went over and introduced ourselves, unfortunately he wasn’t into her. Focusing all of his attention on me, it was pretty apparent that he made his decision. It was the most uncomfortable feeling, not because he wasn’t an attractive French guy, but because my friend was quietly disappointed.

Finally letting her short lived infatuation go, him and I hit it off. We spent the rest of my time in France going out to dinners, industry events and exploring a bit of Nice. My last night in Nice with him, he propositioned me to spend my last weekend with him at his house in Paris.  Not knowing what to do, I asked my co-worker what she thought and she begged me to go and enjoy myself. On the other hand, my friends reminded me of the movie, Taken.

Not wanting to be a leading headline story on Nancy Grace, I decided to stay in Nice. Our courtship didn’t end there.That entire summer we continued our relationship via Skype, emails and phone dates. It was cute at first but it became a bit draining and overwhelming. The time difference and his growing desire for me to visit him in Paris was too much for me to handle.

I’m not going to lie… I had a fear that if I went, I would never come back alive. I was EXTRA protective but my friend asked me a great question.

“Jennifer, would you have behaved like that  if he was black?”

It was a very valid question and sadly to say my answer was a resounding, NO.

He came to the States but by that time our relationship had already dissolved. He was a great guy but dating a man internationally was not realistic, his solution was for me to drop everything and move with him to Paris. I contemplated the idea for almost 2 months but that was a commitment I was unwilling to take.

Living in DC for a couple of months,  I have been approached by all types of men from all different races; more prevalent has been white men of all ages and background. I decided to keep my options open and I chose to go on some dates with ‘California’.

‘California’ is the typical frat boy meets young professional. He is handsome, tall,  cocky/arrogant, witty, humorous and intelligent. So far we have hit off, our first couple of dates have been  happy hours during the weekdays and it has been an interesting experience.

We went to a very popular sports bar in where 99.2% of the people there were white. It was just interesting to see how unreceptive some people were that we were even there together. Even more surprising were how white men were more confident and a bit brazen when they approached me or flirted with me.  It was as if they felt that ‘California’ had opened the playing field.

But it was the PDA that caught me off guard.

I’m not too big on it but I think it is cute and it is very flirty when done right. To him kissing me in front of the whole entire bar was not an issue as if it was the norm. Looking around the room, I could see why he didn’t see an issue with it at all.  The kiss wasn’t bad but I wasn’t comfortable with kissing him especially in public.

This was our first kiss and I didn’t want to share that with the whole bar especially with the eyes of plenty of white women and men alike who were confused with what they saw.

The night ended with loads of drinks, 6 hours
worth of laughter, talks and observation of each other and on lookers. Will I see him again, of course. Will this be serious, only time will tell.

So have you ever been in or dated someone of a different race? How was your experience?


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