Are You Insecure?

How many of us will actually admit to being insecure? That is a hard thing to tell yourself, let alone publicize it. But I will break the silence and say that I am insecure…to an extent.

There are days where I have my moments. Not small incidents but huge moments. Days where I literally hate how my body looks like, days where my skin just doesn’t look right, days where I can’t seem to find NOTHING to wear. Mostly, days where I don’t feel content with myself. Some days are better than others and some are triggered by different catalyst.

What are my triggers??

There is not a general trigger but there are moments where I regret eating that extra serving of pasta that I swore off. Or when I step into the gym and this random chick   decides to choose the machine next to me to taunt me on how flawless her body looks compared to mine.  It could be the subconscious way I judge myself against a woman who I hardly know. Too many things to list, but in a world where it is better to have a flawless shape, perfect skin and european features it can be a bit confusing and downright intimidating.

Don’t get me wrong, there are days where you CAN’T TELL ME NOTHING! But I want to have more days like that.

I know we all have insecurities and I’m working on mine.

What are your insecurities?


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