Can Men &Women be JUST Friends??

NO. Well maybe….wait, what is you definition of a friend??

You have heard this old age question before and many of you would say yes. Actually most women would say yes, and the majority of the men would say no.  I will have the side with the fellas on this one. After debating with a male friend of mine if this was possible, he had this to say:

“Ask any one of your male “friends” if they had the opprtunity to hook up with you, would they take it. If the answer is yes, than I proved my point, no man can be just a friend to a female.”

Than on the other hand another one of my male friend disagreed with the quote before and stated this:

Yes, men and women can JUST be friends. Not every guy is sexually or physically attracted to their female friends.

To be honest, I agree with the first quote. There is no male “friend” that I have that wouldn’t take the opportunity to sleep with me or more if the opportunity arose. Here are some YouTube videos that explain my point, let me know what you guys think.

When Harry Met Sally via dibya777

SEX AND FRIENDSIP  via @SpokenReasons

Why Men and Women Can’t Be Friends via patvicious

So what do you guys think? Can men and women JUST be friends??


5 thoughts on “Can Men &Women be JUST Friends??

  1. Each time I am presented with this question I can never fully pick a side. I want to say yes because my best female friend has been friends with a guy for about 13 years and as much as I’ve joked with her about it, she says that NOTHING has ever happened between them nor does she see that Brown Sugar thing happening between them ever.

    Her reasons for that is because in their 13 year friendship, she has noticed things about him that she knows she would not tolerate from a potential mate and he feels the same way about her.

    My reason for leaning towards no would be because, IMO, whenever you spend a certain amount of time with a person of the opposite sex, someone’s going to feel a spark in their emotions. The possibility of taking things to the next level will always be lurking in the shadows. Now, whether or not one chooses to act on those emotions is a different story.

    I have crossed the fine line of trying to turn a friend into something more and contrary to my belief of the friendship being ruined, we’re still friends today. No, we didn’t continue on with a relationship but we were mature enough to not let things get weird between us.

    It’s definitely a tricky situation that I think depends on the maturity level of the parties involved. I don’t want to completely say that it is not possible is because my best friend has been in this opposite sex friendship for this long. If you’re brave enough to venture off into that forbidden land, my advice would be to honest with your best bed about your intentions. If they’re willing, take the chance. If there are ANY doubts, well, you know…lol

    1. I definitely understand where you’re coming from. I have a Brown Sugar situation myself and it is definitely confusing when feelings get intertwined with a friendship.

      The one important thing that you did say was, people have a choice. For some it works, for others it completely destroys that friendships but sometimes in this game called love or even lust, that is a risk some of us are willing to take.

  2. I am best friends with a guy and neither one of us has EVER tried something. There’s nothing that we cannot (or haven’t) talked about and one of the things that I treasure most about our friendship is the advice that he gives from a male perspective and I know that the feeling is mutual.

    Men are especially conditioned to hide their feelings. But if they have women problems who are they supposed to open up to: the woman that they’re confused and stressing about or one of their boys? Please! That’s why, IMO, opposite sex friendships are so important. I think each and every person needs that one person in their corner that can help them figure things out and to help give a different perspective.

    Same with women. There are many times where I’ll run the actions of a beau past my friend and he’ll either say: 1. he’s digging you or 2: he’s not that into you. Women, especially our girlfriends tend to overthink and complicate things. It’s refreshing to get a cut or dry, honest, matter-of-fact opinion on things.

    We’ve gone on trips together, stayed in the same hotel room and never has the thought of us “taking it there” even entered the picture. I truly think of him as a brother.

    If men and women couldn’t have loving (non-romantic) relationships then there would be a whole lotta 3-eyed, 1-legged babies hopping around this world.

    Men and women can totally be just friends.

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