What Do You Do When Your EX Wants You Back?

“I have changed Jennifer, I promise. I’m not the same guy that I was back then…just give me a chance to prove it to you. Please!”

Maybe you have heard this before or know someone who has… it is all to common. You date someone, things don’t work out, you break up; a couple of months go by and they are sounding like Drake in Marvin’s room.


What do you do if that ex was someone you couldn’t shake? That person that you have been debating whether or not to give a second chance. Would you delve back into the past? Would you completely erase the memories of why you broke up in the first place? Is that a risk your heart is willing to take?

My ex has been very persistent on why we would make a great couple but if I could recollect we are no longer together for a reason. I don’t have a hard time not saying no, but not everyone is that lucky. I know several people who are conflicted with giving their exes a second chance.

“Jennifer, you don’t understand the sex is sooo good.” “I will always love him, he is the only that gets me.” “I’m tired of dating and I don’t want to put in the time or the energy to start over again.”

Love is one hell of a drug, if it is love.

Moving on can be very scary and sometimes we want that “old thing back”. Who doesn’t remember the good times in a relationship? Almost everyone does but a break up happens for a reason. It is a reminder that this thing that was once good ended up bad. It is a closure and a time for you to move forward. Can exes get back together over time and work things out? Sure…but most times that doesn’t last too long. Why bog yourself down with the past when you can move on with someone better in your future?

The majority of you would say no, but for the few who are still optimistic what keeps you there?


4 thoughts on “What Do You Do When Your EX Wants You Back?

  1. I can totally relate!! this is so true. thing is, its better to move on. anyways, if its both of you who are destined for each other then you’ll always end up together. 🙂

  2. I’m not friends with my ex’s for a reason. Once we broke up that was it, I cut all ties. Once you have that scar there, breaking up once, its there in the back of your mind forever. Trust is like a piece of paper. once its crumpled up you can flatten it out again but its never going to be perfect again…and writing on it will be a little more then difficult.

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