Fool For You?!?!?

“So sweet, so deep, so real oh wee, got damn that’s some powerful stuff. How you do it, keep me coming baby I can’t seem to get enough. What you do, what you say, makes me wanna love you baby I don’t even have a choice. And if I did it still be you amongst these other boys. Sweet sugar I surrend, white flag I won’t even put up a fight; cuz there aint a damn thing wrong about this kind of loving and it feels so right. Gonna write a letter tell it to my momma and she gon tell the world that I love you….some people probably say I’m crazy but I don’t mind being a fool for you.”- Melanie Fiona

After watching VH1 show  Love & Hip- Hop, I felt bad for celebrity stylist,  Emily B.  Emily B is mostly known on the show for being rapper Fabolous invisible girlfriend. After enduring years of cheating and comitment issues, she decided to leave. Now, I was planning on commending her for finally taking control of her life and her heart but that feeling was short lived after reading her interview on 

Check out the interview below.

On the show we see you ending a very long relationship with your boyfriend and the father of your son, Fabolous.. What helped you take a stand and end it?

Well of course you see me moving out on my own. I have two children and I moved on my own in New York. You know I moved here to be with Fab so for me to be here and live on my own is just an experience for me. So you get to see that and you know I just focused on me. I realized that I had to put me first and everything else would fall in place. So on this season, I had to go out on my own, I had to be independent. I had to do me. The first step in doing me was moving out on my own which was very, very difficult.

Wow, that would be pretty difficult but kudos to you for being strong and taking care of you

Thank you! A lot of people are wondering if I still live on my own. Yes, absolutely, I still have my own place and I still live on my own. Absolutely.

Ok, because there have been some rumors that you two are back together. Is there any truth to that?

Well, we have been shooting for a very long time, and we are still shooting so I don’t want to give any of that info away (laughs)

The last answer threw me for a complete loop.  The man who you were dating, have a son by and has caused you so much pain, you are entertaining the idea of being with him again???


Love makes you do foolish things, I agree. But when does the heartache, pain and confusion ever end? For Emily and many other women out there only time will tell.

Are you a fool for love?


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