Options…do you have them??

I can’t lie, I DO have options. Question is do I act on them…

My senior year of undergrad I had a huge decision to make; where was I going to end up post grad?

I had three options: head home to Texas, start new in New York or settle in DC where I’ve always wanted to be. All these options had their pros and cons but which one outweighed the other. My job search wasn’t an easy one. I was already interviewing in TX and  DC before I even graduated, but as soon as commencement ceremony was over I had to make a decision.

Summer time came and I decided to stick to D.C.

“Jennifer, why didn’t you choose to go home? I thought that is where you would be.”

My best friend wasn’t the only one concerned but my decision was final. I went home to TX  late summer to see if there was anything out there for me worth coming back too and the answer was a resounding NO. My close friend moved to Dallas for medical school, the guy I dated from there no longer spoke to me and the guy I wanted to date was dating someone else….yeah promising place to be!

But who knew that DC would offer me so much and more.

My dating life in DC is one that rivals any show on E! or VH1 Networks. I don’t have a particular race that I focus on but in a city where it is culturally diverse and many young professionals come to this city from different parts of the world,  you can’t help but be surprised at what you attract.

I have been approached by White, Black, Asian and even Middle Eastern men. Attending a HBCU (Historically Black College/University) where there was not a lot of diversity especially concerning the matters of the heart; this was an interesting and sometimes challenging matter that I was ready to tackle.

I have options now that I would not have imagined I would have if I were in Texas.

Let’s make things clear, I don’t entertain everyone who is interested but why not date and meet as many people as possible?  Most people won’t even say they have options especially when they are dating someone for a while, but who doesn’t? Let’s be honest whether subconsciously or not, every one has someone or a few people who they are entertaining at the same time while keeping focus on that “one person”.

Process of elimination at its finest. 

So do you have options? Or are you THE option? 


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