Lessons Learned…

To know me is to know my story….

I decided to write this blog to show insight into who I am as a person and things that I have interest in. By no means do I want to garner sympathy from anyone. I am not ashamed or apologetic about situations that have made me who I am, I look at them as lessons learned.

So what are these lessons?

To be true to myself in everything I do.  (Easier said than done.)

  1. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes 
  2. Don’t allow someone else’s perception of who you are become your reality.
  3. With everything, thank God.
  4. “Besties before testies”- #ABG
  5. Learn to trust my gut feeling regardless of the outward circumstance. 
  6. Don’t doubt yourself even if others do.
  7. To not let others treatment of me define how somone one else will treat me.
  8. Enjoy life and take whatever I have learned and apply it.
  9. Never to give up!


What have you learned?



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