Do Men Even Know What They Want?

This is a question that my best friend and I discuss all the time. One minute they want to be up under you, “good morning” text messages won’t stop and they are more than willing to prove to you why you should give them a chance.

Than this huge shift happens…

It could be after you slept with them, or the moment they could no longer wait; whichever one it is, it never ceases to amaze me how one minute they are all about you and then the next thing you know it’s all over.

Like most women who watched Sex & the City, I could relate to Carrie Bradshaw minus the awesome wardrobe. She had a Mr. Big and so do I.

Mr.Big was the one man she couldn’t shake. They were great for each other, they both knew it but he could never fully let go and embrace what they had.

Years of pain, confusion, love and hope were years wasted in my opinion. She finally gotten her Mr. Big but at what expense? She dated a great guy who was ready to commit yet her love for Mr. Big would not let her move forward.

He monopolized on that. Was it selfish that he could play tug of war with her heart? Yes. Was it right for him to date her than dump her to later get married within that year to someone else? No. Was it wrong for him to weasel his way back into her life and her heart for 7 years while he lived his life? Hell yeah.

Selfishness at its finest.

I do believe that if you let love go and it keeps knocking at your door it will somehow manifest. It happened to Carrie, will it happen for me? Who knows.

Not all men are fickle but a lot don’t know what they want. Shame.


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